To be PEACHY is to be fine and dandy. RADIANT like a peach. Pure and HEALTHY.

Peachy Wellbeing is designed to help you reconnect with your luminescent, joyful self through the use of holistic health therapies – tools which help you to get back on track and feel happy and healthy. More than ever we are seeking ways to feel happier, be healthy, stay healthy and enjoy wellbeing in what can be a stressful world.

Laura Walker
Laura Walker – Owner of Peachy Wellbeing

What led me here

After experiencing health issues at a young age, my mind opened to the world of yoga, eastern philosophies of medicine and complementary therapies. Healing both physically and emotionally was a journey and has taught me that the body, mind and soul are intrinsically linked.

Training and study

This led me to study for a Masters degree in Health Psychology, which investigates our behaviours and beliefs as well as the social contexts surrounding health and illness and how we go through the process of change and experience wellbeing.  I qualified as a Usui Reiki Master Teacher in my early 20’s, and later gained Diplomas in Crystal Therapy and Swedish Massage. Bringing this training into synergy with psychology and other therapeutic training gave me more tools to help myself and others.

Finding balance in the everyday

Having worked in an office business environment for 8 years I have a true understanding of the stresses and struggles we can all meet in work and in life but I was lucky enough to have a range of wellbeing tools to help me every day – from nutritional knowledge to Reiki and energy balancing techniques. Our physical, mental and emotional experiences cannot be separated and so therefore our self-care routines must also be ‘holistic’.

Just as we see attending the gym, a weekly yoga class or slimming world as part of health maintenance, regular therapeutic treatments and coaching sessions can open up a whole new level of health and wellbeing.

Stay well and happy,

Laura x

MSc Health Psy., BSc Psych. Dip. Swedish Massage, Dip. IACHT, Reiki Master Teacher
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