Peachy Wellbeing is Ready for Launch

In three months a seedling business has grown into the next stage…prepare for launch!

 So what’s this all about?

If wellbeing was a cake (ironic example to use, I know!), we would typically see healthy eating, exercise, drinking water and cutting back on naughties like sugar, alcohol and cigarettes as our ingredients. Holistic Therapies such as Reiki and Massage would be a wonderful additions to that cake but we all too often just see them as a treat or just something we look to if there is a problem.

Holistic approach to health

This is such a shame as they are extremely valuable and what I believe to be essential tools in maintaining mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Acupuncture, Reflexology, Yoga, Reiki…they all have their roots in Eastern models of medicine but have become progressively popular in the Western world and the reason being is that they are;

  • Holistic – the underpinning approach treats the mind, body and spirit as a whole and doesn’t separate the body as an abstract physical machine. This means that all dimensions are addressed as one, getting more to the root of an issue.
  • Preventative– it’s all about maintaining health and nipping disorder in the bud before it manifests into something worse. Again, this is in contrast to the Biomedical approach which tends to lean towards treating when things go wrong.

Holistic therapies aren’t there to replace conventional medicine, which is often lifesaving and essential, but used as a valuable part of an individual’s overall wellbeing – maintaining physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and staying balanced, full of energy and feeling happy.

Maintaining Wellbeing

I was lucky enough to work at a complementary therapy practice when I started out learning about therapeutics and sampled a wonderful massage for the first time. I promised myself as soon as I was out of university and earning a proper wage I would invest in fortnightly or monthly massages and Reiki sessions. Due to costs, I ended up just going as a treat, usually when I felt my back niggling after too much time sat at my desk.

Just as we subscribe to the gym or regularly attend a class, I want to make regular therapy treatments an accessible part of your self-care routine. With lower costs and options to subscribe to regular treatments (Peachy Maintenance), Peachy Wellbeing was born.

Practicing from The Cabin, a cosy and peaceful retreat in the Peachy Wellbeing garden in Gamston, Peachy Wellbeing offers one to one treatments and will soon also be launching workshops and retreats. Also, watch out for the official Cabin launch party and open day! I’d love to see you there.

Please feel free to contact me…I look forward to meeting you!

Laura x

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