Laura Walker Opens Cabin

The Cabin Opens its Doors

After 6 months of research, inspiration, and building (literally!) Peachy Wellbeing is launched and has already welcomed a lovely bunch of people through its doors

Built on an ethos of self care and wellbeing

Having practiced Reiki and Yoga since my teens, studied the psychology of health as an MSc, trained in massage and other techniques and discovered the rewards of healthy living, my passion is sharing this with others to help us all become healthier and happier beings.

Treatments such as Reiki, Swedish Massage, Crystal Therapy and Wellbeing Coaching are valuable ways to heal, rebalance and restore a sense of wellbeing which can help in all areas of life. During the 8 years I worked the ‘9-5’ in a busy software company I appreciated the need for regular treatments as part of my self care but often neglected to look after myself as best I could, one problem being the cost of treatments.

Regular restoration

With our busy lifestyles we need support and regular time away to relax mind and body, rebalance and restore energy, combat stress and fatigue and give something back to ourselves! Even if it’s just for an hour, stopping regularly for a therapeutic boost is an investment of time for your body, mind and soul and can have wonderful effects, keeping you buoyant, stronger and more energetic. We invest in monthly gym memberships and classes so why can’t we have access to reasonably priced monthly massages or energy balancing treatments?

Staying Peachy

My goal is to offer wonderful treatments as sensibly-priced additions to self care routines and maintenance, not just as one off treats (or a bit of both depending on what you want!). And so Peachy Wellbeing was born, offering a small but powerful range of treatments to help you feel better and nourish body and mind. 

The self care helpers

  • Reiki – a Japanese method of rebalancing your subtle energies or ‘chi’ (in a similar way to Acupuncture or Yoga), without the needles or physical postures!
  • Swedish Massage – Soothes, tones and detoxes. Relaxes your mind and takes the weight off your shoulders, unknotting the stress and ironing out blockages.
  • Crystal Therapy – another energy balancing treatment which has grown in popularity, using an endless range of naturally occurring crystals. It works in a very similar way to Reiki and the two can be combined as part of your treatment.
  • Wellbeing Coaching – refocus, remotivate and achieve your wellbeing goals with the application of Health Psychology and other behavioural change techniques.

Treatments are offered as regular sessions with the ‘Peachy Maintenance’ plan (5 months minimum – £23 per month), ‘Peachy 3‘ – a course of 3 treatments (£72) or one off hourly treatments (£28) (shorter treatments available).

Healing environments

At Peachy Wellbeing I believe the recipe for a wonderful treatment includes not only the nourishing treatment itself and a friendly therapist, but the environment. After careful and joyful planning, The Cabin has been created as a therapeutic oasis with its own character.

The Cabin was officially launched in March with the help of a lovely positive bunch of people – friends, family and clients (along with a ritualistic ribbon cutting!).

Laura cutting ribbon on cabin
Proof of ribbon cutting

It is a cosy purpose built log cabin set in a quiet back garden in Gamston. The soothing, welcoming environment transports you away from everything as you are cocooned in a warm blanket so you can relax, rebalance and restore your energies with a Reiki,Crystal Therapy and/or Swedish Massage. Features heated blanket (for the cool days), comfy chairs for focused, relaxed Wellbeing Coaching sessions, a rock salt lamp and a nature theme, including a resident fox and wolf! Treatments are available on Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays or any weekday evening.

Cabin with open door
The cosy cabin

I hope Peachy Wellbeing can help you to relax mind and body, rebalance your health and restore your much needed energy to keep you at your best. More than ever we need to adopt healthy habits and change the patterns of anxiety and fatigue, harness the positive and joyful aspects of life and be happy. My wish is for Peachy Wellbeing to help you do just that.

I look forward to meeting you!

Laura x

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