Crystal Therapy

RECHARGE mind and soul. REBALANCE the whole. ENERGISE on every level.

What is Crystal Therapy?

Diamonds do more than just sparkle! Crystals are becoming increasingly popular healing tools. Gems and minerals carry their own energy signatures which we can connect with. Think of this as a specific frequency, like a musical note for example - a vibration you can tap into but in this case not hear, but subtly feel.

Most people have heard of quartz, a natural amplifier used from 1860 to power the first radio, allowing tuning into different frequencies. Rose Quartz, Amethyst and Emeralds are examples of other commonly known crystals, but there are 100’s more to explore, each with their own energy signature and unique healing properties.

Crystals have no relation to any belief system or religion. You do not need to believe in them to benefit from them.

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What does a treatment involve?

Tumblestone crystals are selected based on your own individual needs and placed around or on your (fully clothed) body. Quartz points may be used to move and direct the energy flow. Crystal therapy complements and enhances Reiki, so the two work nicely in combination.

The 60 minute treatment includes consultation before and after the crystal therapy. Crystals may also be given for you to use in meditation or to be carried for help with certain experiences, situations or as a general healing tool.

Crystal Clarity

60 minutes | £28 (£23 with Peachy Maintenance)

Consultation and 40 minute crystal therapy. Specific crystal are selected especially for you and are placed on your body to rebalance your energies and much more. Works beautifully with Reiki and can be combined as part of a mix and match treatment.

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How will Crystal Therapy help me?

Crystals help to remove old energy, restore new energy and promote healing. They can help with an endless list of issues and restore a sense of joy and wellbeing. Crystal Therapy works in a number of ways:

  • Melts tension, anxiety, negativity, energy blockages
  • Promotes good sleep, focus, creativity, healthy body and mind
  • Develops a sense of wellbeing, confidence, balance
  • Reconnects with your body and your spiritual self

Whether there is a specific problem you wish to address or want general improved wellbeing, crystal therapy can help.

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