RESTORE mind and body. FEEL recharged. REBALANCE the whole.

What is Reiki?

Rei is roughly translated into Universal Energy* and is based on the ancient character for rain. Ki is Personal Energy (Chi in Chinese or Prana in Sanskrit). Therefore Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is universal energy 'raining down’ onto the lifeforce of the individual. It’s reconnecting to the source - like plugging your batteries in.

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What does a treatment involve?

You lay and relax (fully clothed) in the soothing environment of The Cabin while Reiki is delivered by the practitioner via a number of different hand positions, either above the body or touching (e.g. head).

Everyone responds differently and your experience may vary from treatment to treatment, depending on your current state. Responses range from feeling revitalised, clear headed and energised to a deep rejuvenating sleep. Many people report warmth or tingling during the session and often a feeling of relaxation straight after a treatment.

Reiki is safe and non-invasive. It is a gentle but powerful tool for healing, balance and personal development. Like removing stones and fallen branches from a river to allow it to flow, Reiki melts away energy blockages, stagnant energy (old thought-patterns, harboured memories etc.) enabling you to feel freer and revive your energies bringing you back to optimum.


60 minutes | £28 (£23 with Peachy Maintenance)

Includes a full consultation before and after treatment to tailor the session and 40 minutes Reiki. Very relaxing and rebalancing ideal for a first time or monthly session.

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Best of Both

60 minutes | £28 (£23 with Peachy Maintenance)

Feel like a Reiki top-up but your back and shoulders are in need of a massage? This treatment is for you...includes consultation, 20 minutes Reiki and 20 minutes back/neck/head massage.

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How will Reiki help me?

As Reiki helps to clear away the cobwebs and re-charge your batteries it allows the body to effectively do its job of healing which is why it can help a wide range of issues on all levels -physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and psychological.

Examples of common benefits:

  • Helps the body cleanse itself of toxins
  • Eases stress and tension
  • Enhances creativity, confidence and self esteem
  • Promotes deep relaxation and sleep
  • Eases anxiety and sheds light on depression
  • Moves energy blockages allowing free-flow and re-establishment of balance and a feeling of wellbeing

Mainstream healthcare settings including hospitals are now accepting Reiki as a useful healing tool and evidence based studies are on the increase.

Reiki is unassociated with any religion or belief system and works regardless of pre-conceptions or beliefs.

*The concept of ‘energy’ in this context is a topic in its own right and is surrounded in much debate. The term ‘energy’  here is a description of the ‘life force’ ‘chi’ or subtle vibrations which surround us.


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