Wellbeing Coaching

HELP YOURSELF to health. CHANGE your habits. INVEST in your wellbeing.

What is Wellbeing Coaching?

Wellbeing Coaching sessions follow the principles of Health Psychology and will motivate you to harness your healthy habits and focus on healthy lifestyle choices so you can make changes for the better.

Maintaining a balanced, healthy state is our best defence against illness and most importantly helps us to enjoy life to the full. The top 3 killers (heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer) are preventable through lifestyle change, which means we have more control over our futures then we think. Our lifestyles are influenced by a complex mix of psychological and social elements. One of the most powerful elements are our own behaviours, influenced by habits, attitutes and perceptions.

The way to making lasting changes is to address these psychological elements and essentially re-programme ourselves to create habits which lead us to health. Based on the principles of Health Psychology, Wellbeing Coaching guides you through this process, with a focus on your personal health goals. It takes an holistic approach and does not simply just address your weight (although this is an important part), it is just as much about your energy levels, immune system, how you feel on a day to day basis and your general physical, mental and emotional health - i.e. you and your health as a whole.

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What does a treatment involve?

Wellbeing Sessions are held in the relaxed, welcoming environment of The Cabin.

During a consultation we will discuss your current lifetyle and habits to identify what you want to change. This change will be focused on your personal goals and aims. We will then assess what you need to address to create new habits and reach these goals, improving health, happiness and general wellbeing.

Let's Get This Show on the Road

90 minutes | £35

Intitial consultation to discuss your current health and lifestyle as a whole, your own personal goals and what you want to improve. Whether you want to feel better, lose weight, have more energy, cut out bad habits or eat healthier, these sessions will benefit every aspect of your health, with a focus on your specific goals.

Following this session a tailored guide will be put together for you to follow, including recipes, affirmations, tips, advice and other change aids.

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Moving on to Better Things

60 minutes | £28 (£23 with Peachy Maintenance)

Follow up sessions to review your progress and adjust your plan to equip you to move forwards and make long lasting change a reality. These sessions are available as and when you need them, although it is recommended that you have at least 2 follow up sessions to ensure you are recieving enough support and on the right track to change.

Once you feel you are on your way to better wellbeing, you are welcome to book in subsequent sessions to 'top up' whenever you feel the need.

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How will Wellbeing Coaching help me?

'Health behaviours' such as healthy eating, drinking water, taking regular exercise and avoiding an excess alcohol contribute to our lifestyles and overall health. 

These behaviours are a result of many different things, including our motivations, beliefs and perceptions surrounding health, social pressures, cognitions (the way we think) and mind (mood/fear/anxiety).

There is so much information on what to eat/drink/do and what to NOT eat/drink/do to be healthy, but how do we make sense of it all, implement change and sustain these changes long term? We can read a long list of what we should and shouldn’t do but what is key is what we actually do with this information.

Traditionally, diets, New Year’s resolutions, pesky symptoms or health scares can bolster our willpower but once the extra stone is shed, the symptoms have gone or we just lose motivation then that gym membership gets wasted, we swap the good foods for quick, easy, fatty and sugary because we find that easier and we wind up stressed and tired. It is only effective and lasting change which make us happier, healthier and more resilient to stress, ill health and anxiety.

This doesn’t mean living on a diet of pea shoots and hummus for the rest of your life or completely giving up the indulgences we all enjoy, but it means choosing better for yourself.

For example, we all know we should cut back on alcohol and drink more water. But how does this knowledge make our behaviour change, not just for 24 hours but sustained long term change, which turns into habits and eventually a way of life?

It’s about taking care of ourselves, not only physically with good fuel and plenty of water, but mentally and emotionally. This is where Wellbeing Coaching comes in. Peachy Wellbeing will help you to make changes and achieve your goals.

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