Workplace Workshops

IMPROVE employee health and happiness. REJUVINATE and reward. RESTORE wellbeing.

Breathe life back into your workplace and improve the wellbeing of all your staff with a tailored wellbeing workshop. Raise awareness, boost wellbeing and keep your employees feeling buoyant.

All our workshops are available as part of a Workplace Wellbeing programme, or simply as one-off motivational workshops. Workshop agendas are flexible and delivered in one day or split into sessions to work around your schedule.

Example: Workplace Warriors Workshop

1-2 hour workshop held onsite, which equips staff with knowledge and motivation to improve their wellbeing, through tweaks to their daily habits and understanding how to be resilient to stress, including:

  • Healthy lifestyle advice to improve energy and focus (nutrition and exercise)
  • How to change habits
  • Stress reducing techniques
  • Useful yoga postures (suitable for the workplace)

Contact us for more information or to discuss a package to suit your business.

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